What is QAP and a Mashup?

My initial post about scraping football transfer data got a good reception. Thanks very much!


People were interested in seeing how this affected their teams and doing a bit of analysis themselves. To allow people to do this, i thought I’d showcase another part of Qlik which allows users to share out data externally – Q.A.P.! But what on earth is it?!


Q.A.P. (or QAP) stands for ‘Qlik Analytics Platform’. – it sounds like it should be the umbrella for the entire product set, however QAP is actually, in simplest terms, the externally facing version of Qlik Sense. You can take data from dashboards and make this available to anyone (or only certain people) on the internet.


There are some differences in how this is done. Where with Qlik Sense you have a hub containing all dashboards/applications, Q.A.P. has no hub. In QAP you make the applications available in ‘mashups’. Leading to the second question… What’s a mashup? A mashup is exactly what it sounds like – a hybrid of two things; part website, part dashboard. In short, QAP can take a dashboard from Qlik Sense and embed it (or parts of it) into a web page.


To build a mashup, go to the development hub in Qlik Sense (see picture below) and choose mashup editor.

From here you can create a new project and choose from a number of templates. If you choose a template, Qlik will automatically give you a few different tabs for JS, HTML, CSS and a preview window.


From here you can choose to link a dashboard to the mashup at the top right hand side and drag and drop charts from a dashboard into the preview template. If you have some basic HTML and CSS skills like myself, you can them customise this page to have headers, footers, colour schemes etc.


If you have access to someone more advanced skills (shout out to Graham Dunn), you can customise the appearance heavily.


The mashup will retain all functionality of the dashboard, including the scaling to mobile devices and selection criteria etc. You can then move this to your QAP server to push externally to a wider audience for secure or unsecured access.


If you’d like to see my mashup on transfer data, please click the below link.




This is meant for demo purposes, however if you spot any data issues, please let me know and I will do my best to fix.


Thanks again,



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