Data is Everywhere!

Data is everywhere and affects our very day to day life. At the Qlik Tour I presented at in July I went through statistics from Qlik that by 2025 its estimated that every single person will be making around 5000 data driven decisions per day.

Qlik Datasphere

Advances in everyday life and technology drives these data driven decisions, from mobile device interaction to wearable technology. With all of this data available, we can use this for all sorts of investigation. For myself i wanted to prove something very specific. With all this data and technology available, its easy to get caught up in everything going on, however everyone needs a break and get away from things. To do this, i bought a puppy. This is Jasper….

By having Jasper, i have no excuse not to go outside, take a break and go for a walk. Now to see if this works! I got Jasper in December 2018 and have been wearing a fitbit (most the time) to count steps in my day to day life. I can actually use the data from my fitbit to prove that having a pet has an effect on my day to day wellbeing

Fitbit allow you to export your data from your account into JSON format. I have exported all my data and fed just the steps and heartrate to Qlik Sense using the script below.

A couple of quick visualisations later i can prove that i have already done double the steps i did in an entire year last year.

With all the things going on around us, make sure you take a break, take time away from your work and relax, just like Jasper.

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